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Morning Link Sharing: May 11

Every morning between 7am and 8am before I leave for work I normally sit down and do some reading on my iPad 2. Flipboard quickly became my favourite app for reading news, entertainment and any blogs I have in my Google reader. It is also very social and I share the articles I read that [...]

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Tagging Facebook Friends Got Easier

Forget adding an “@” to have to tag your friends like Twitter, the new Facebook way of tagging is so much nicer and smarter. In a Facebook status of their own Facebook announced the new way of tagging friends in posts. They have now dropped the at symbol. It does not appear this works yet [...]

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How Pizza Got Social

Earlier in the week there was an article going around about how Pepsi is making their vending machines social. I don’t know if this idea will really work for Pepsi, but I thought what I found would go along with that. I saw how one small pizza joint in a small town made pizza social. [...]

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Social Media Complaint is not a Threat

While reading through a Social Media proposal I found online, I read that one of the threats of joining in Social Media is the complaints you might get on your Facebook page or Twitter account. This couldn’t me more wrong. Potentially this proposal was saying that if someone wanted to complain about your business or [...]

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Social Media awareness for Students

You could say that Jesse Miller’s (@MediatedReality) approach to making parents aware of what their kids are doing on Social Networks was a bit of shock and awe presentation Monday evening in Fort St John. He didn’t waste anytime in his hour and a half presentation explaining to parents what was public on sites such [...]

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Teaching Students about Cloud Storage

Obviously this is nothing new, but the other day I was listening to Leo Laporte talk about the chance of his daughter losing her school paper and how with a backup system like Cardonite it could be recovered. Backup systems are nothing new and should be used, but I thought a better way to prevent [...]

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