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Teaching Students about Cloud Storage

Obviously this is nothing new, but the other day I was listening to Leo Laporte talk about the chance of his daughter losing her school paper and how with a backup system like Cardonite it could be recovered. Backup systems are nothing new and should be used, but I thought a better way to prevent [...]

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My Blogging thoughts go in circles

I don’t know how you blog or what you use, but I use WordPress and more specifically I use the desktop application MarsEdit for writing blog posts. As you may also know I think having thins sync’d in the cloud is the greatest thing the Internet has produced. So when I caught myself going in [...]

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What do you do when your website goes down

What do you do when your website goes down? It is hard to say actually, considering the first thing that comes to my mind is to blog about it and to stress about it. For some reason if my websites go down I feel as though a part of me is dying. I ended up [...]

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Make your own Old Spice Voicemail

Some clever people have made an idea in to a site for everyone. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a voicemail greeting from the Old Spice Guy, well now you can. The idea is you can put in your phone number, and then select a few different lines you want the message to say. Then [...]

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Mashable is now below the fold

I use to read Mashable all the time. It was like Social Media Religion to read that site. I looked up to Pete Cashmore and all his style. Slowly though that has been drifting away as the years pass by. They are becoming bigger and I’m becoming wiser. Mashable does still create content worth reading [...]

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To Consume, Create or Curate?

The other day I read an article by Brian Solis, who is known for being one of the top Social Media Marketers per say, I also recommend his book .. In the article Brian talks about how generations ago all most people did was consume content. Whether it print or radio, they digested information more [...]

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