Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing can be described as any use of a digital initiative to market something. This can span from email marketing (newsletters) to digital advertising (Google or Facebook).

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is often overlooked now that Social Media has become so prominently come to the forefront, but the truth is we still all look and read emails, everyday. Email Marketing is still as effective, if not more than Social Media marketing and still delivers content to an engaged group of people interested in your business. With Media will work with you to setup your own Email Marketing strategy, including: platform setup, template setup (logo and branding), email list import, website signup form and set you up to send off your first email.

Digital Advertising

If you are going to spend your hard earned money advertising your products or services, wouldn’t you want to see results and know that it is working for you? Digital Advertising does exactly this for you. With Media can help you setup advertisements targeted directly at your customer demographic using various parameters such as Facebook Ad settings and Google keywords.  As you campaign is running we will be able to monitor and adjust it to ensure that it is reaching maximum potential.

Google Apps Workshop and Setup

Google’s email platform Gmail is no longer just for Gmail users, anyone from a single person to an enterprise level company can obtain Google Email services and use their own customer domain ( along with all of the service Google offers. With Media can provide an initial half-day Google Apps Workshop. The workshop will walk through the benefits of using Google Apps within your business and how it all works. In addition, With Media can also administration Google Apps for your business. 

Website & SEO Audit

Having trouble getting your website found on Google? Google is a big company and search engine that is constantly changing and tweaking the way it searches the Internet for websites. Recently they have made it smarter. It no longer just looks for keywords. A website audit of your website will review your website content; both what is visible and what is within the code of your website. The audit will result in a report outlining improvement recommendations you can make that will result in better search results and an overall better presence online.