Tagging Facebook Friends Got Easier

Forget adding an “@” to have to tag your friends like Twitter, the new Facebook way of tagging is so much nicer and smarter.

In a Facebook status of their own Facebook announced the new way of tagging friends in posts. They have now dropped the at symbol. It does not appear this works yet for Page, but I’m sure that is coming soon.

How to tag friends

They’ve made Facebook a little bit more advanced today and now when you go to tag a friend all you have to do is start typing in their name. You don’t have to add any symbol or weird text, just start typing their name and it should appear in a drop down below. They demonstrate in this three easy steps guide in the picture.

Tagging your friends is fun and cool so that they know when you mention them. There is a social aspect to it, you both know when you’re talking about each other and other people can see that you are talking about a specific person. That being said there is a bigger meaning for Facebook I believe. I don’t think they’re doing anything bad with this, I think they are collecting the data. Collecting the data in the sense that they want to figure out which of your friends you interact with most, how you interact with them, and what you’re saying to them. Not for any evil reasons, but for innovative reasons. So they can possibly improve Facebook down the road.

Go head over to Facebook right now, and tag a friend.

Facebook Tagging


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  • http://www.crackle.com/ Neal

    Aside from what you have mentioned. You can also tag them on your post using their alternative name.