To Consume, Create or Curate?

The other day I read an article by Brian Solis, who is known for being one of the top Social Media Marketers per say, I also recommend his book
.. In the article Brian talks about how generations ago all most people did was consume content. Whether it print or radio, they digested information more than they created it. Now in today’s world, with all the tools we have readily available, we can be content creators.

This is not always an easy task though. Creators are always under criticism from others, they have to be creating constantly and there is no way of knowing if the content is good or not.


What Brian also talks about is the affect Social Media has on all of this content creating. As you can see from the diagram above, it is basically showing you how the average person online acts. Whether you start at Create, Consume, Learn or Share, you end up following this path. It could start, you consume a piece of information, you then want to learn more, you share your findings on different Social Networks and then you finally create a piece of content showing what you found and your take on it.

If you read Brian’s article he also talks about how we may be going back to a time of consumption, which I agree with. Most blogs, if they are going to succeed have already become staples around the internet, same with Youtube Stars, Twitter Icons, etc. Then if you look at 2010′s most popular gadget the iPad, it is a consumption device. Apple may try to market it as a creator, but in reality it is not. The iPad is become a staple as a new way to consume and so it should be.

This got me thinking then, if the number of creators is going down, could another aspect be introduced. What about Curators, people who collect information from around the Internet to purposely share. The cycle might then look like; Consume, Learn, Curate and Share.

Personally I find this is what I end of doing. As much as I love creating content, as much as I have 101 ideas, I don’t always have time, but I do have the ability to collect and re-share the information and to become a source for information in that matter.

I’m curious to know how other people view this. As I sometime struggle between consuming and creating it would be nice to hear from someone who has another take on it. – Q6Z99FB3VYRP -


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