KyleWith: Photographer Dave Brosha

Dave Brosha is one of the photographers I have always looked up to. I taught me the basics of photography; knowledge which I use every day. So why I find he such a great photographer is not only that he is a great photographer, but also that he is willing to teach those who want to learn.

 Photo by: Pablo Saravanja

Photo by: Pablo Saravanja

Dave's adventure started in the Resolute Bay, which is in the Canadian Arctic, where he wanted to start taking pictures to showcase to his family back home. His photography slowly progressed and he also moved to Yellowknife, NT. He realized it was a passion and his and wanted to pursue it. He slowly took on clients and built up his name while still having the stability of a 9-to-5 job. Finally, he took the plunge one day and quit his job and started doing photography full-time, he hasn't looked back since.

Nowadays, Dave isn't limited to Yellowknife, where he and his family lives. He has traveled as far north as Alert, as south Australia and has been to Egypt twice. He has traveled to these places on writing assignments for magazines or to document a friend living an adventure. He makes the point those that he is very fortunate to have the opportunities that he has had.

We go much more into detail about how his business grew and where he has been in the show. Dave also shares with me what is in his bag and who inspires him. So be sure to listen.

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Posted on November 22, 2011 .