KyleWith: Photographer Kyle Marquardt

Don't let the fact I butchered his last name stop you from checking out Kyle Marquardt's work, because it is quite good. Kyle, like many photographers I have talked to, discovered his interest in photography at a young age. For Kyle, it was high school. He tells me he took pictures of everything and had his camera with him everywhere. After high school, he decided to pursue it further and go to Ryerson University in Toronto for Photography.

Kyle's career started out much like anyone else's that would want to get into professional photography at a young age, he became an assistant. Whether for a wedding shoot or in a studio, he would be there helping. He also tells me in the show, that a large part of learning was making mistakes and he did make some along his way.

So how did Kyle end up going to the Arctic, Antarctica and around the world? Well it all started with a Travel Company he volunteered at. He would make them slideshows and edit their photos, but eventually they saw his potential and offered him a trip to the Canadian Arctic, so off he went. Then of course one thing lead to another, which he explain in full detail in the show.

If you ask Kyle what makes him think of "warm and fuzzy", he'll probably tell you his over 50,000 Google Plus followers. He is extremely humble about the attention and makes the daily effort to post a photo across all networks. For him, the Social Networks are a great way to get his photos out there, but also a good learning tool to get people feedback.  He is also more than willing to teach what he has learned and often has a Photoshop tutorial on his blog for others to use.

It was a real pleasure talking with, Calgary-based Photographer, Kyle Marquardt. He is on a journey that is exciting and he is earning it. To hear all this and more, be sure to listen to this episode.

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Posted on December 5, 2011 .