Photography is more than just capturing a scene. It is telling a story, regardless of the subject. Every photo that you use to represent yourself or your business you want resinating with your audience. I strive to capture these stories throughout all different photography mediums.

Real Estate/Architecture 

Architecture is unique in Yellowknife. From bringing up energy efficient homes to having to design around bed rock. There is challenge but some how the results are stunning and deserve the proper attention. Let me help preserve your hard work from the very start to the completed project.


Put your best plate forward. It can be said that the look of your food is what brings people in the door, while it's the taste that will keep them coming back. I want to ensure they get in that door with knock out gorgeous photos of the master pieces you create.


People are awesome and have many different stories to tell. I take great pride in capturing people, their environment, their emotion and of course, their stories. I even published a photo book on people