Get Your Social Media On

Social Media is a method of communication that is now engrained in everyone and used daily without any effort. With Media wants to help you join the conversation. Social Media Marketing is unlike any traditional marketing but can take you further than ever before when done right.

Social Media Setup

Sometimes we don’t know where to start or how to get onto Social Media, properly. This service gets you past that step. The first thing we will do is understand who you are and why you'd like to use Social Media for your business or organization. We will then learn about how your customers or target audience is. By asking these two questions we can determine which Social Networks will work best for you.

Social Media Coaching

Social Media Coaching addresses the questions of: Am I doing this right, what can I do better, did this work, etc? Unlike a workshop, coaching is an ongoing process exactly like it sounds. Coaching is primarily one-on-one sessions with a single client over the course 10 weeks. Sessions would occur bi-weekly or to the schedule of both parties. Each session would recap the past two weeks of the client social media effects, highlighting what worked and was didn’t. The second part of the coaching session would be going over a new method of feature. The object would be to learn from past experiences as well as retain new information. At the end of each session homework for the two weeks ahead would be give, this being catered directly to the client.

Monitoring/Community Management

We are all busy, especially small business owners. We are required to do our jobs around the clock so when would we have time for social media? Social Media Monitoring and Community Management elevates this stress. With Media will work with you and manage your social media presence. We’ll post your content, respond to the community and engage with them; all while working with you to ensure your brand is maintained. 

Social Media Workshops

Social Media workshops will go over the fundamentals of Social Media and the tools that can be used. Workshops are one part theory – what social media is, how a business can use it, how to interact and add value – and another part functional – how to use the tools, what tools best to use, etc. Social Media Workshops can vary in length and can be catered to specific groups – tourism operators or photographers, etc – or be generic for a wide variety of clients.

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