SIMPLE SOlution Websites


Plug and Play Websites for Small Businesses
and Start-ups


With Media offers a plug-and-play process for small businesses just starting up or looking for a very simple website solution that also looks high-quality and meets all website standards for the modern day.


Step 1:

Content Map

The first step of any website project is to sit down and talk about your business or idea. In talking about what you are doing, or looking at doing, we can identify what type website would best fit your needs, what are the goals of the website and what content you need for it. 

Step 1 Outcome: A content map that will help guide you in developing the content you need for your website and identify where that content will live on the site. And we'll lockdown that awesome domain name you want. 

Step 2:


The second step to building your new website is to figure out your business or ideas style and design. If already have a logo, branding or style guide developed, this step is complete. If you do not, we can connect you with a professional who can help develop these assets for you. With these assets we pull from them to influence your website look and feel.

Step 2 Outcome: A clear picture of your websites colours, fonts, and style influences.

Step 3:

Template Selection

With the content map developed and the style influence outlined we will propose a few high-quality website template options for your website. These options will be personally curated based on the first two steps and the information you provide. We'll customize the template in the next step.

Step 3 Outcome: A selected template that will be the backbone of your new website.

Step 4:

Website Build

Putting together the first 3 steps is what we consider Website Building. We take the template you've selected, customize it with your styling, branding, logo, etc., and at the same time setup the content pages we've identified in the content map. We'll even import up to 6 pages for you!

Step 4 Outcome: A beautiful website built on a staging site ready for your review and content. 

Step 5:

Website Training

Step 5 is all about getting your hands on your website. All of our websites are built on cloud-based Content Management Systems (CMS), meaning you can edit it anywhere at anytime. We'll sit down for an hour and show you the ropes to make sure you're comfortable using the platform. 

Step 5 Outcome: The understanding of how you can edit and maintain your website on your own (don't worry though, we're always around to help if you forget ;). 

Step 6:

Prelaunch/ Launch

Step 6 is more technical, but just as important. Before launching we'll make sure all the settings and information is correct to ensure your website meets all the required standards. We setup some basic SEO measures and Google Analytics so we can track your traffic. 

After launching we make sure the website gets submitted to the correct search engine tools so your website can start being found quickly.

Step 6 Outcome: A launched website that represents your business that is ready for the world!

Step 7:

Project Completion

Once your website is live it is your turn to help us. We want to know how we did. We're looking to you to provide us with feedback on how we can improve and enhance this simple  plug-and-play website solution, with the focus of getting small businesses online quickly for a reasonable cost.

Ready to start?