My Facebook Experiment: Operation Kill the Facebook Page

I have both a Facebook Profile and a Facebook Page. I have been using my Facebook Page to promote my business but I am my business so why am I splitting my audience? And that got me thinking; maybe I don’t need a Facebook Page.

It is more difficult to get Facebook Page posts seen by your audience because of Facebook’s recent algorithm changes. As a sole-proprietor, I don’t have time to try and manipulate the system; I don’t have the money to perpetually advertise; and I think it is unnecessary to split my audience between my Facebook Page and my Facebook Profile when both are basically about me.


Facebook is a valuable tool for us in the NWT; Facebook helps connect the 33 communities throughout the NWT better than anything other medium that has come before it. Sure Facebook Pages are difficult to make visible and yes, there is a constant push for you to spend money boosting your posts to gain exposure. But in my opinion, you should be where your target audience is. If they are on Facebook, then you should be too. End of story.

A Facebook Page maybe what is best for you. If you want to separate your personal profile from your business or your brand, then you may still need a Facebook Page. But this post is about me, so let’s get back to me shall we?

The Experiment.

I’m going to abandon my Facebook page for a few months months and focus my efforts on my personal Facebook Profile. I won’t change my Facebook Page because I may very well go back to it – this is just an experiment. 

How to Get Continued Access to My Awesome Content.

I allow people to follow me on my Facebook Profile. If you already have a Facebook Profile you can follow me, Kyle Thomas. Just go to my Facebook Profile and click on the follow button in the page header. You will now be able to see all of my public posts. This allows me to target my friends, and family separately with things that are not related to business so you don’t have to wade through my personal posts to get to what you want to see.

So You Want to be Facebook Friends.

You can add me as a friend but I can’t promise that I will add you to my inner sanctum of awesomeness. Even if you don’t get the secret knock and access to all my bread recipes, you will still have access to all of my awesome content. And you know how valuable that is.

What is This “Awesome” Content You Speak Of?

I’ll be discussing marketing tactics I find amusing, branding initiatives I think we could all be following, giving you ideas to help you generate content of  your own, sharing photos of my travel and adventures, and giving you insight into the life and times of a young entrepreneur in the Northwest Territories. 

Let’s do this!