Not just another first blog post

This is my first blog post on the With Media blog and if I were a stereotypical blogger, which I’m not going to be, I would tell you about all the plans I have for it and how great it is going to be and how you should sign up right away to not miss a thing.

The truth though?

There are 101 ideas flying around my head that have been translated into notes in my Evernote account but even with the best of intensions getting to them and formulating meaningful and useful articles is a challenge. 

What do I need to do?

Take my own advise. I have to answer the question: How do I make time for this? There is no simple answer though. The true answer lies within what feels right to you. 

For me? Writing first things in the morning works. The day hasn't gotten to busy yet and I haven't checked my email. I simply sit down with a tea and start picking away at an idea and watch it transform into something concrete.

The reason for all this?

Simply, content creation will help your business - my business - or practice on a couple of different levels:

1. Your customers, audience, community will get to learn more about who you are and why it is you do what you do - do not mistake this as an opportunity to promote your product. Providing genuine information and knowledge goes miles with people. We are curious beasts by nature, this feeds that need to know more about what is around us. It opens up doors, invites questions and ultimately fosters long lasting connections.
2. Reason two partly lies within something called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For being robots, search engines are smart. A static website - especially one built 5-10 years ago - does not receive the same attention from search engines than one that is producing content on a regular basis. And do not think people are not searching for you. They are.

If you consider just these two reasons and give your self 15 minutes a day to produce one article a week or even two articles a month, you will start seeing more engagement with your current customers and the arrival of new ones. 

In the coming months I plan on exploring these topic in further depth and I invite you to follow along from your inbox.