What if we didn't overthink content creation?


What if we didn’t overthink the content we created for our businesses? We didn’t think about how busy we are. Or how bad we are at writing.

What if we just created it and let our stream of conscience on a topic pour out without planning or barriers? Then revised it after.

Sometimes I can get so hellbent on planning, scheduling, executing and promoting content. I forget why I do it.

I do it to share my knowledge of what I do with anyone who needs help with that particular topic.

I need to do this more often because I’m certainly thinking about it. The content I want to share. My own process stops me from producing it though. 

When the moment strikes and I’m inspired and have something to say, I need to stop and write it down. Or take a video. Or record a podcast episode. Or take a photo. Whatever type of content it is, I just need to do it.

Then I can worry about publishing it. Editing it. And sharing. 

So the next time you are inspired to share something and can stop what you're doing, write it down. Push out that thought. Maybe it will be crap. Maybe, though, someone will see it and resonate with it. 

We don’t know unless we start. So start.