There is no return on blogging

There is no return for corporate blogging. Or at least that's what many businesses have told me about blogging. Some even view blogging as childish!

So for starters lets get over the idea of blogging. Lets not call it that anymore, shall we. Lets call it writing. That is what it is after all. The author is writing words.

Now that’s out of the way, lets talk about why your business SHOULD do it.

Hint: It’s not about the money.

It’s about being a leader in your industry. It is about answering your consumers questions. It is about giving insight into your daily operations. It is about giving a damn about what you do.

In short: It is about brand awareness.

And don’t tell me you don’t have time for it. Saying that is like closing up your business every time you get negative feedback. We don’t want negative feedback, but we still have to spend the time and deal with it when it arises.

The point of you doing all this writing - and I mean really? How long does it take to write one article a week or answer one simple question - is to…

Hold on, this is of importance.

Establish further trust with your current consumer base and build relationships with new consumers.


So if you put in a little effort demonstrating that you care about what you do, you will find that you not only stay on the minds of many people but you’ll also build a strong reputation throughout your community.

Here are the reasons you should post informative articles on your website:

1. Answering common consumer questions on your website saves you time. You will no longer have to answer it ten times a day, you can just direct the questioner to your website. And it benefits the consumer. They may have a question but not want to call you. A quick search of your website or the Internet will give them answer. They might be subsequently more likely to contact you or come into your store.

2. Discussing industry topics such as trends, misinformation, big launches or events will display that you don't just care about making money, you also care about the products or services you offer. People will take notice of this. Displaying your knowledge of your industry situates you as a leader in it, even within your small town community, and it builds trust with your audience.

3. Providing case studies on how previous consumers have used your products and services lets potential consumers envision how they might use said product or service. It opens their mind, rather than just dismissing yet another static advertisement.

The possibilities of what you can write about are endless and in fthe words of Nike, just do it.

Creating a blog on your own website is probably easier than you think. If you can’t figure it out though, I can help.